9 Best Online Game Websites to Play Free Online Games In 2023

Who doesn’t like to play online games? Not only kids but even adults like them. It is a great stress-buster and it is entertaining at the same time. But, what if online game purchases are involved? Then playing online isn’t fun right? However, there are a few websites that offer online games that are free and easy to play.

But not all free online game websites have top-notch games and a variety of games that will never bore you. In this blog, we are going to present the 9 best online game websites in 2023 that not only have fun online games but also free online games that can be played whenever you need a little dose of entertainment.

  • Epic Games : The Epic Games Store is an online storefront that showcases games available on the web and it is also a distribution service for video games. “Fortnite”, a free online game that was distributed by Epic with the help of their own software channels, has garnered a huge craze among online game lovers. 

    Similarly, the League of Legends, a free online game that is also a multiplayer battle arena video game can also be played on the Epic Games Store. League of Legends, won the hearts of online players because of its amazing character designs, high production value, and accessibility.

    Players could access the same on both MAC OS and Windows operating systems. Epic Games has been a go-to-platform for game publishers because of the time-exclusivity agreements it offers. Epic Games Store does not ask for a subscription from users for playing the free online games on its platform. Two recent games to watch out for on the Epic Games Store are “Grime” and “Train Valley 2”.

  • Poki : Poki.com is another website where players can play free online games. Some of the popular games on Poki are Subway Surfers, Temple Run 2, and Rodeo Stampede among others. Players can play Android games on their computers without using emulators for the same.  

    Players might get distracted by ads but they can be skipped anytime. Although the website has a wide variety of games, some games may take time to load but overall the platform is good to play Android games for free.

  • Crazy Games : Players can play free online games on the platform without having the need to download them. The site is known for the easy accessibility it offers. Players can browse through 7000 games on Crazy Games that are grouped under a variety of categories. The website not only offers top-notch games but also new games updated on a daily basis. 

    Crazy Games website has an easy-to-use interface, supports multiple languages, and game previews, among other awesome features a couple of which have already been explained above.

  • Kongregate : Kongregate.com offers free online games that are not just free in terms of monetary purchases but are also virus-free. No matter whether players like action games or multiplayer games or even shooter games, Kongregate.com has them all and more. Kongregate is not only available to pay on PCs but also on mobile phones. Users can even link their Facebook accounts to the site to experience gaming in a better way. The games are divided into categories for better user experience all on a single page. Some categories into which games are grouped are “guest games”, “new games” and “top-rated games”.
  • Miniclip : Miniclip not only has free online games in a huge number but also original games which are Miniclip-exclusive. Players can find as many as 60 game categories on the platform some of them including dress-up, action, multiplayer, sports, and even 3D games. If players want to register, they can do so, and that too for free. There are two benefits of the same – players can create their own avatars and keep a tab of their high scores.

    Miniclip is known for its unique feature whereby players can create leagues and compare scores and rankings with their friends. This feature is available on all games available on Miniclip.

  • MyPlayCity.com : This website offers as many as 300 free online games all of which are easily downloadable, virus-free, and most importantly legal. The games on display have impeccable graphics, unique gameplay, and zero time limits, among other features. The categories of games include but are not limited to racing games, simulation games, and puzzle games.
  • Acid-Play : Acid-Play has been in the scene of providing free online games for quite a while now. Players have the option of downloading from a collection of over 1000 games, all of which are free.

    Acid-Play offers properly scanned and therefore, safe-to-download games that players can browse through using the “Search” Option. The categories of games include action, simulation, arcade, and role-playing games.

  • Agame : Agame.com contains free online games that are suitable for kids and need no parental control. This site offers ads that can be skipped and in addition to that, there is no need for logging in to play the games or download games. 
  • Mmo Games : Mmo Games.com is a site that offers a wide range of free online games that can not only be played online but also can be downloaded. This site even has news related to MMO and RPG Gaming. 

In case, players need an added layer of security, while online playing games, they play online games with a VPN. However, free VPNs are too slow to function. The steps to start playing using VPN are given below:

  • Step 1 : The VPN needs to be installed on the device the game is going to be played on.
  • Step 2 : The VPN needs to be connected to a server. 
  • Step 3 (optional) : The VPN can also be put directly on the router.

Online gaming is fun and effective especially for kids because they boost memory and help them be social (multiplayer games). Gaming is more fun when it is free to use and download. However, care must be taken in ensuring that the free games are legal and free of viruses. Only then, can people create a safe and healthy online gaming environment.