Attack Strategies and strongest bases in COC Games

This blog post aims at providing the best COC attacking strategies for every Town Hall level. One of the highlights of Clash of Clans is the huge freedom it gives to players while attacking bases. There’s no “one attack strategy fits all” formula in COC games but certain attacking strategies work way better than others. In this blog post, we are going to explore the same. Not only is this but establishing a strong base in COC games is also as important. We will also help you explore the strongest bases in COC games that will help you build your defence.

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Clash of Clans logo,signaling the game's arrival. Learn effective attack strategies for the game."

Best COC Attacking Strategies in Town Hall 2

Among other factors, the level of your buildings decides the size of troops you train. Therefore, we are going to provide the troop names and COC spells that are crucial for the army.

Here, the troops that you require are Giants and Archers. This is how you are going to attack. You need to first check for Clan Castle troops and if you see clan reinforcements, you need to surround them by your archers and get them out. You also need 1-2 giants near the defences to distract the clan troops. The archers will be needed to destroy the remaining of buildings.

Clash of Clans Town hall 2 showcasing a diverse array of items, highlighting attack strategies for players.

Best COC Attacking Strategies in Town Hall 3

Here you require the following troops – Giants, Archers, and Wall Breakers.

The procedure to attack is the same as in Town Hall 3 but you need to give the wall breakers a chance to participate as they can help giants enter the base in no time. The crucial part here too is getting the mortar out before placing the archers so that you can maximize your chances of winning.

 Clash of Clans game interface, with town hall 3  assortment of items and emphasizing attack strategies.

clash of clans army , train troops and emphasizing attack strategies.

Best COC Attacking Strategies in Town Hall 4

You require Balloons and Archers as Troops here.

Here too, you need to clear the Clan Castle troops after which you have to send 7-10 balloons toward the Air Defense. After the Air Defense is out, the attack becomes a smooth process. The Archers here are aimed at clearing the small buildings so that 

you can get 3 stars so, you need to place them after destroying the ground defense.

Clash of Clans game, presenting a wide range of items of attack strategies for players.

How to set Town Hall 4 base layout Click Here

Best COC Attacking Strategies in Town Hall 5

Here, you require these troops – Giants, Archers, Wizards, Balloons, Lightning Spell, Barbarians, 4-5 Goblins, and 4-5 Wall Breakers.

A common attack tactic for COC games is getting the Clan Castles troops out first and foremost, after which you can entice them by an Archer or Barbarian toward the Mortar and tactfully take them out. Then let the giants and wall breakers loose and place the giants in front of the Archers and 1-2 Wizards. Your Giants are bound to fall now that 1-2 defenses are left and now the time is ripe to release the balloons. You can rely on the lightning COC spells as they have the power to instantly ruin the Air Defenses or Mortars, as they are believed to be the strongest of defences.

clash of clans simple town hall 5 with gold mines, canons and attack Strategies

How to set Town Hall 5 base layout Click Here

Best COC Attacking Strategies in Town Hall 6

The troops that you require here are Giants, Wizards, Archers, Wall Breakers, Healing Spell, 1-2 Balloons.

You have to get the Clan Castles troops out and take them to the side from which you have planned to enter the base. The ideal way to enter bases is from those areas where the AoE damage-dealing defenses such as Mortars or Wizard Towers are placed. The attack starts when you enter the base using Giants as your tanks and let the Wizards bear the burden of damages. You need to keep the Wizards in good health for which you should place the heal spell properly. You can use one heal spell to save your giants when they are targeted by the defences. At the end, all you need to do is send the balloons to get the 3 stars but you should first make sure that all the defences are out.

Clash of Clans with town hall 6 showcasing diverse items for attack strategies.

How to set Town Hall 6 base layout Click Here

Best COC Attacking Strategies in Town Hall 7

These are the troops that you require – Hog Riders, Wizards, Archers, 2-3 Barbarians, Healing Spells, and a Barbarian King.

In COC games, at Town Hall 7, you may need to face dragons in cash of clans and when that happens, all you need to do is lure it to a corner and release a Barbarian. You will have to surround the Dragon with Archers and a Wizard the moment the dragon tries to attack the Barbarian. You should try to enter the COC attack bases in Town Hall 7 from the areas where a Barbarian King has been placed by the opponent. Set the Hog Riders out once you have taken out the Barbarian King and make use of the Heal Spells so that your Hog Riders can heal after bearing splash damage or after being in the zone where a bomb explodes.  

COC Town Hall 7 with wide array of items used for different attack strategies.

How to set Town Hall 7 base layout Click Here

Best COC Attacking Strategies in Town Hall 8

The COC Town Hall List of troops are Golem, Valkyrie, Hog Riders (around 15-20), Wall Breakers, Wizards, Barbarian King, Minions, Rage Spell,  Healing Spell, and Poison Spell.

The attack starts by placing the Golem first. Release the Wall Breakers once you are sure there are no traps. Then release the Barbarian King and Valkyries. You need to ensure the wizards are placed around the Golem so that an entry funnel of sorts appears. Heal Spells come in handy when you need to take the CC troops out. A heal spell is also helpful when your army comes to the centre. Set out 3-5 Hog Riders on 1-2 defenses when the destruction is around 20%-30% and then set out the rest altogether. A heal spell is useful to heal your Hog Riders when they are attacked by AoE defences or Giant Bombs.

 Town Hall 8 base in Clash of Clans with this strategic layout against various attack strategies.

How to set Town Hall 8 base layout Click Here

Best COC Attacking Strategies in Town Hall 9

There is a long COC Town Hall List of troops that you require at this level – Archer Queen, 5 Healers, 5-6 Wall Breakers or Super Wall Breakers, Rage Spell, Barbarian King, Balloons (Around 16), Poison Spell, Lightning Spell, Minions, Wall Breakers, and Lava Hounds.

As your King and Queen enters the COC attack base and form a path for the army, release Lava Hounds to distract the Air defenses and then, release 3-4 balloons. Wait for the Air Defense to be out and then use COC spells to save your balloons from defense and AoE damage. Wizards and Archers will be useful to clear the base. You can also use other quick-to-attack units.

This Clash of Clans base at Town Hall 9 is designed to withstand different attack strategies.

How to set Town Hall 9 base layout Click Here

Best COC Attacking Strategies in Town Hall 10

The COC Town Hall List of troops at this level includes Balloons, 8-10 Dragons, Baby Dragons, Barbarian King, Archer Queen, 5-6 Lightning Spells, Rage Spells, and Earthquake Spells.

The Zap Dragon attack is a killer attacking strategy that you can adopt in Town Hall 10. Choose any side and set up a funnel using a Dragon, a Balloon, or by using your King and Queen. Set out the Dragons and Balloons once the outer layer of defenses is taken out. Take the Air Defenses out lest they target your troops with 3 Lightning Spells and 1 Earthquake Spell. Next, all that is left is for you to make use of the Rage Spells. Also, you can try to save the Queen’s ability which will in turn help you in clearing the base right at the end.

 A Clash of Clans base 10 filled with diverse items, perfect for planning and executing various attack strategies.

How to set Town Hall 10 base layout Click Here

Best COC Attacking Strategies in Town Hall 11

The COC Town Hall List of troops required at this level are Healers, P.E.K.K.A, Bowlers, Wizards, Super Wall Breakers, Baby Dragons, Balloons, Archer, Rage Spells, Freeze Spells, Bat Spells, Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden, and Log launcher.

P.E.K.K.A, a baby dragon, and wizard will help you create a funnel. Start the main attack once you have cleared the COC attack base outskirts, with the rest of the P.E.K.K.A’s, Healers, and Bowlers. Use the Grand Warden’s ability early on to get the best results. You can also use the Archer Queen’s ability later on to clear the base. The strategy is to set the bats free to distract the defenses when your strongest troops are all set to come to the centre. Freeze COC Spells need to be placed properly so that the attack is effective.

A Town Hall 11 base in Clash of Clans, ready to defend against various attack strategies.

How to set Town Hall 11 base layout Click Here

Best COC Attacking Strategies in Town Hall 12

Here’s what the COC Town Hall List of troops at Town Hall 12 includes – Archers, Over 25 Balloons, Wizard, Baby Dragon, Minions, Golem, Lava Hound, Ice Hound, Battle Blimp, Heroes, Rage Spells, Jump Spell, Haste Spell, Poison Spell, and Lightning Spell.

The Sui Lalo Attack in Town Hall 12 might be tough but worthy nevertheless. Create a funnel near the left or right of the Town Hall and try to clear it out as early as possible using a Blimp.

The Golem, Barbarian King, and Archer Queen dominate the second part of the Sui Lalo Attack. The aim is to make Golem move inside the COC attack base as fast as possible and to that end, make use of Wall Breakers and Jump Spells. Lava Hounds and 4-5 Balloons go behind them. Freeze, Haste, and the rest of the COC spells come in handy to clear out the splash defenses. So, that you don’t lose your balloons, you must make use of the Warden’s ability especially if you are all set to target the Town Hall later.

A Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 base designed for defense against attack strategies in the game.

How to set Town Hall 12 base layout Click Here

Best COC Attacking Strategies in Town Hall 13

The troops required at this level include Archers, Wall Breakers and Goblins, Balloons (around 4-5), Wizards, Healers, Archer Queen, More than 15 Miners, 10 Hog Riders, Head hunter, Heroes, Siege Machine, 2 Heal Spells, 2 Rage Spells, Poison Spell, and Freeze Spell.

With the help of an initial Queen Charge, create a path for your Hog Riders and Miners. Here too, the goal should be to clear the Town Hall as fast as possible otherwise you need to rely on the Warden’s ability. The King can then be released to clear the base outskirts. Set the Grand Warden, Hog Riders, Miners, and Wizards free. Place your healing spells in the right way and time them correctly.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 base. Strategize your attacks and reign supreme.

How to set Town Hall 13 base layout Click Here

Best COC Attacking Strategies in Town Hall 14

The troops that you require are Super Archers, Yetis, Freeze Spells, Earthquake Spells, Heroes, Log Launcher/Wall Breaker/Flame Flinger, and Heroes.

Super Archers and Yetis make a lethal combination that will almost guarantee you those coveted 3 stars. Create the funnel using the range of Super Archers. Make use of the earthquake spells if you want to damage the crucial defenses in the opponent base. Yetis just need to enter the base and be supported by Super Archers to make the attack successful.

lash of Clans Town Hall 14 base. Master attack strategies and emerge victorious.

How to set Town Hall 14 base layout Click Here

Best COC Attacking Strategies in Town Hall 15

These are the troops that you require in Town Hall 15 – 4 Healers, More than 15 Miners, Around 3 Head Hunters, Super Wall Breakers, Balloons, 10 Hog Riders, Rage Spells, Freeze Spells, and Battle Drill.

First start by creating a funnel using the Archer Queen and Healers. Take down the town hall and redeploy the queen to some other location. Then, you need to choose a side for your Hog Riders and Miners to enter the base. Place and time the spells tactfully so that you taste victory for sure.

We are of the opinion that Town Halls 5,7,9, 13, and 15 are the most crucial levels in COC games. So, we have chosen these levels to discuss the strongest bases.

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Clash of Clans with townhall 15 with top attack strategies!

How to set Town Hall 15 base layout Click Here

Strongest COC Base in Town Hall 5


In this base of COC games, walls and bombs protect the defenses and the Town Hall. Traps are so placed that the opponents use them as entry points. The walls have Gold and Elixir storages that can help you save your resources.


This base in Town Hall 5 is best suited for wars and has the Clan Castle. The Town Hall has walls on every side. Air Defense dominates the centre because aerial troops play a crucial role at this level.

Strongest COC Base in Town Hall 7


Dark Elixir is the strongest base in Town Hall 7 in COC games as it aids in saving the resources that are already scarce. Wizard Towers and Archers are all set to defend all the storages that are inside the base. Air Defenses are placed deep inside so you need not worry about Dragons or Balloons from the opponent’s side.


In this base, the air defenses are placed beside the Town Hall as you will be encountering a lot of aerial attacks.

The base has traps and bombs greeting your opponents if they happen to enter your base. Surround the Archer Towers and Wizard Towers with as many traps and bombs as you can as they are the most crucial in Town Hall 7.

Strongest COC Base in Town Hall 9


This base can stand tall and proud against opponent strategies like Queen Charge, Balloons, and Dragons. Town Hall is at the centre and explosive defenses like Mortar and Air Defense are well-protected thus making it difficult for opponents to steal any loot.


This base is strongly built so as to stop the enemy from getting 3 stars. Air Defenses are properly protected. The base has no proper way so enemies will find it difficult to enter it and it also has multiple compartments so that movement by opponents is restricted.

Strongest COC Base in Town Hall 13


This base also has multiple compartments making things slow for opponents. Defenses are outside the main structure and are enough to distract opponent troops. Town Hall, Eagle Artillery, and Clan Castle are at the centre while Archer Towers cover the whole of the base except for the centre. Place the Inferno towers in separate compartments at this level as they are crucial.


This widespread base has defenses and buildings placed at unusual places to confuse opponents. This base has a design that is enough to save 1-2 stars.

Strongest COC Base in Town Hall 15


This Base is all about Inferno Towers and X-Bows. This base can face problems created by an Electro Dragon. Builder huts are placed along with the main defenses. They have the power to repair buildings during battle.

This base also has its focus on building multiple compartments to make the troops flabbergasted. Aerial defenses are right at the heart to help you counter any aerial attacks.


This widespread design is also enough to confuse any player in COC games. This base requires a lot of time to attack it and in addition to that, a funnel cannot be created properly because troops get easily distracted and take separate ways.

Summing Up

We hope the above list of best COC attacking strategies and strongest COC bases will help you get 3 stars easily in COC games and help you play the game with more confidence.

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