Top 10 Simple Memory Games for Kids to Improve Memory Skills


Memory games for kids are not only fun but also it is beneficial for developing and improving memory skills for kids. 

Nowadays, learning new things is quite difficult because many distractions are around such as mobile phones so it’s essential to improve memory ability since childhood. But guess what? Learning can be fun too!

Do you ever forget where you put your keys or struggle to recall a friend’s or even a wife’s birthday? Ha ha! Well, kids also experience similar challenges with these things too! 

That’s where memory games come to save the day. These memory games not only entertain but also train young minds to remember information better. There are lots of options for memory games.

Now, let’s find out 10 simple really fun memory games for kids. Whether it’s remembering patterns, numbers, or even facts, these games are designed to make learning things simple and enjoyable while improving memory skills.

Benefit of Memory Games

Do you know how to improve your working memory? Well, it’s easy: playing lots of tricky games or memory games can do it. 

When you have a good memory, it’s like all things are easy to understand and remember, plus doing math formulas is much easier.

But you know, why is playing memory games so fun? Because they make your brain faster just like a hero!

Playing games is not fun – it’s a brain workout. So, if you want to be good at remembering things and others, play lots of memory games which we find out below just for you.

That’s why the next time you play memory games, remember this – you’re not just enjoying but you’re also becoming a brainy hero!

10 Simple Memory Games for Kids

memory match game

Memory Match! This game is a classic game that is loved by children of all ages. With many images and thrilling game stages, this game provides hours of fun while improving cognitive skills ability. 

In this game, you simply flip cards over to find matching pairs. The player who finds the most pairs wins!

How to play?

  • Select a game mode : Choose time mode or timeless it depends on you, and also multiplayer mode is available to play with online players.
  • Match pairs : Flip over cards to reveal images of objects. Your task is to find a matching pair as soon as possible.
  • Complete the game : In time mode, match pairs within the given time. In moves mode complete the game within the limited moves that are given.

Simon Says is a game for kids with three or more players. One player, called “Simon”, gives instructions like “jump” or “Touch your toes”. But here is the twist: players should only do these actions when Simon says first! 

If they do action without hearing “Simon Says”, they are out. It’s a fun game of listening and following instructions.

This game looks easy, but it can be difficult while playing in a large group.

It is a guessing game where one person picks an object they can see and says: “I Spy with my little eye something beginning with…” and gives the first letter of the object. 

Then every other person tries to guess what the object is and this game is mostly played in groups so it makes it more fun!

How to play?

  • Choose a Spy : One player is selected to be the spy.
  • Select an Object : The Spy picks an object that everyone can see without announcing it.
  • Guess object : Then the spy says the first letter of the object and others have to question directly about the object possibilities (e.g. Is it a tree?).
  • Identify object : Once a player correctly finds out object, they become a spy for the next round and the game continues.
kims game

Kim’s game is a simple and easy to set up game, and you can easily be done at home with items you have in your hand.

In this place is a tray of 10-15 interesting objects on the table, such as a toy, car, button, spoon, key, or anything you want. 

Let the kids examine the object for a while. Then cover the tray with a cloth. And the kids write down or draw as many objects as they can remember.

It’s quite an interesting game, plus you make it much harder by putting in more objects…

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Here’s another mind catching game! Arrange a group of 5-10 or even more objects on a table in a clear layout. Then have the kids look away and cover their eyes with their hands. 

While they can’t see, remove one or two objects. When you say “Go”, the kids open their eyes and see who can guess which object is missing!

If you want to be trickier than you can put more objects and remove less then it looks more interesting, well it’s a great way to challenge their memory and visual skills by playing games.

magic cup game

This is another fun and easy memory game challenge for kids. All you need are three cups and a small object like a ball or button. 

Show your child when you hide the object under one of the cups. Then, slide the cups around quickly, mixing them up. 

The trick is for your child to remember which cup the object started under! This simple game helps to develop their concentration.

How to play?

  • Put the cups upside down in a line.
  • Hide the coin under one of the cups while everyone watches.
  • Move the cups around for a bit, then stop and line them up again.
  • Ask which cup the coin is under.
  • Whoever guesses right, wins!

This is a game that tests your reflexes! Flip a card face up as fast as you can. Shout out its color (is it red, blue, or green?) or its number (such as ace, king, or something).

Card flip helps kids with visual recognition and strengthens their ability to recall information quickly. This keeps the game challenging and helps them develop different memory skills.

How to play?

  • Flip and Shout: One player flips a card face up as quickly as possible.
  • Call it out: Shout for either the color (red, yellow, or green) or the number (ace, king) of the card.
  • Quick response: Other players must respond with the correct answer as fast as they can.
  • Keep Score: Keep track of how many right answers each player gets.
  • Add some spice: Start with sorting colors, and then progress to identifying numbers or even suits.

It is a fantastic memory game, it’s simple to set up and play.

There are not any complex rules or materials required, just a willingness to have fun and test your memory!

This is a great game to play with kids and helps to develop cognitive skills. 

How does it work?

  • Start the story: You start by saying “I went shopping and bought a..” and then add items.
  • Memory chain: Each player takes a turn by adding items to the shopping list. But they must repeat all the items mentioned before and then add their item.
  • Memory test: The game continues with players taking turns, trying to remember the shopping list in the correct order.
sudoku game

Sudoku is a popular logic-based number placement puzzle game that has gained massive popularity. The game is played on a 9×9 grid, divided into 3×3 subgrids. 

The main objective is to fill the grid with digits from 1 to 9 so each row, each column, and each of the nine 3×3 subgrids contains all digits from 1 to 9 without repetition.

Sudoku is not only a challenging game but also a great game to exercise your brain, and logical thinking. It’s loved by people of all ages. You can play these games for free on a website.

Number Recall, also known as Memory Number, is a simple yet effective memory game often used in educational settings, particularly with children.

The game helps improve concentration and short-term memory skills.

How to Play?

  • The game starts by saying a sequence of numbers out loud, starting with small such as “1,2,3”.
  • The children repeat the sequence back to the leader in the same order.
  • The game leader increases the length of the sequences. For example, they say “1.2,3,4,5”.
  • To make the game more challenging, the leader can vary the speed and rearrange the numbers.

Memory games for kids are not only fun but also really helpful for making your brain stronger! They help you remember things better and become super smart without even realizing it. 

Imagine playing games that are so much fun you don’t even realize you are getting better at remembering stuff.

So next time you play these games, know this – you’re not just playing for fun, you’re making your memory stronger. Keep playing and see how much your memory power grows!

“The more you play, the sharper your memory becomes”.

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